by Diff'rent Folks

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released September 15, 2015

Mixed, mastered and produced by Justin Nazario. All songs written and performed by Diff'rent Folks. All lyrics written by Elijah Ehrhart.
Album Artwork by Brandon Cahill.



all rights reserved


Diff'rent Folks West Chester, Pennsylvania

Current Project is Baloo

Diff'rent Folks is Elijah Ehrhart, Dan Nazario and Dylan Pettine.

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Track Name: Kaitlyn
Does anyone listen when I talk,
Does anyone fear me when I scream,
Cause I'm having a bad day and I'm a wreck,
I'm living like a caged in rat that's on fire,
I picked up your papers and i put them in a box,
If they don't find their way in their, they're bound to get lost,
My only fear is that I'm on trial,

I'm going mad,
If you don't believe in me then that's bad,
I'm going mad,
If you can't put faith in me then who can
Track Name: To Montauk
I wanna change your safe place,
To being alone again,
I'd come to your house at night when nobody's home and I'll sing you away
I wanna stay up at dawn,
And write in my book of thoughts,
I wish I could tell you all the things you don't know but, everyone else does

You got no one you ain't got no one to lose,
I know your feeling real down I wanna feel that too,
I'm primed and ready to go I wanna leave,
Cause while my friends we're out in Terahee I was with you,
I don't think that it's worth it to stay here at all, when all I gotta say is
I wanna be your back door man,

Cause they all lie,
Cause they all run away,
Wherever you roam, I'll follow you back down home,
Wherever you try to sway from me,

I found someone and now I got someone to lose
Track Name: Irrelevant
It's a waste of pain to live in fear,
And it hurts but I don't know,
And I would see you any other way,
But to sell you all my times a wasted day,
And too short to talk about,

And I know, they all want me to run away with them,
But her glow, she's so damn beautiful,
Where she roams, I'll follow her into uncharted coves,
Would they know she's still a part of me,

And I'm smoking all these Chinese twigs,
And I'm with you all the while,
But I can't help to hide myself away,
Cause all you kept behind meant everything,
When you left you took part of me,

If I go, would all I gave you still mean anything,
Would I know you're still a part of me,
Where I roam, I'll walk unto a dark uncharted path,
Would you know you still mean everything
Track Name: C&C
Please fight me now,
I'm caught up with all your silly card games and I,
Want to go home, away from here,
I'm so afraid of dying but I like to live in fear,
I won't let you down,
I won't let your body float below water,
I won't let you swim away from here,
I know you don't like it, I never wanted you to stay,
Can we run away,
And see all the amazing things we've never seen,
I've never seen Paris or Italy,
I heard they're both beautiful, just not this time of year,
Can I try and help,
I'll promise that I'll be the best psychiatrist,
Well Doc here me out, I always wanted to be a movie star,
Just give me one more chance,

I could break the camera with my ugly face,
Watch how the people run away from me and laugh,
God i'm pretty on the inside, it's ugly all around,
I'm not in the business to be a big thing,
I love what I do, it makes me feel alive,
If I wasn't an actor, than again that's foolish,
I've always been ready to play the part and live the lie,
God I'm so impressed by your resume,
I'll take a grateful helping of marmalade to get me through the day,
I'll use all my drugs, my medicine needs me more than I do,
I'll need a vase to look so fancy,
I'll finally feel skinny at last,
I'd give all the money back into charity,
They need it more than I do,
Than again I guess that I'm giving it to myself,
It's great how the system works,
Everyone loves me but nobody cares.