Between We (EP)

by Diff'rent Folks

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Elijah Ehrhart on Guitar and Vox, Dan Nazario on Drums and bVox, Dylan Pettine on Bass and bVox.


released January 20, 2015

Recorded, mixed/mastered, and produced by Justin Nazario. All songs written and performed by Diff'rent Folks.



all rights reserved


Diff'rent Folks West Chester, Pennsylvania

Current Project is Baloo

Diff'rent Folks is Elijah Ehrhart, Dan Nazario and Dylan Pettine.

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Track Name: Two Letters
I like to settle in, the winter time
When all the rabid ducks, have learned to fly
Springs taken time and time
I put a velvet cape, around my eyes
I sprinkled all my salt, in jagged lines
These pretty wings aren't mine

Never been a prayer but i can't help myself
I spent my time wasting my prayers on someone else
The only thing that i could hate about it raining is i can't take my life in sunshine

My dearest enemy would you like to come with me?
Come dance around and sing Sheryl Crowe with me
My dad's a painter, would ya like to meet him? He does a damn good job
He'll paint you anyway tell him that your friends with me

I put a velvet cape, around my eyes
I sprinkled all my salt, in jagged lines
These pretty wings aren't mine
So would ya like to choke with me?
Pick me up and bring me back to life in spite of not enjoying we

Pinned down and roughed around again, wasted
My thoughts can't seem to make you, stop by
Will you, won't you, stop by
Track Name: Nosebleed
I'm talking to myself when no one else is around
I'm eating all your grassroots i'm static now
I'm fucking pretty and you know so i'm generally
Not your queen, i'm not your muse (come on drown)

Your no fun
When your straight
So hit this

You can bleed, but please don't get it on the rug
Track Name: Ashtrays
I was living with ashtrays and fermented wine
Daydreaming all day cause nobody minds
Changing up hairstyles and watching me watching you
Filling out lines
I was praying to cast iron and talking mimes
I watch you radiate
Stoping and starting again and getting back, starting all over
All of these things that i am were in vain
I'm living it i'm being it, i'm feeling nothing

Flying kites was so exciting if god can't sing strike me with lightening
She was

Selfish and dumb
Her colors blurred like dirt in the mud
She floats when no one sees her
And can i get a mulligan
I'll try and try again if can't get my way
Can people be insane when they only love themselves?

Is she real?
I was living with ashtrays and fermented wine
Sleeping all day, crying all night
Track Name: Saki Kahn Dahni: Illustrated Ballet Instructor
Said i got this friend, and his name is Sieanu
Said i got this aggravation and it's killing me
Canvas painted late night on a trip to Bruster's house we all saw a tantalizing mix of infidelity
Said I got this extra change and it's a real heavy load
And when he goes out at night all the pretty women love to stop and stare and say
(la la la la la la la)
Said I got this friend and his name is Sieanu

And she'll teach you kung fu (Hi ya)
You can learn how to box (Wo Ha)
You already know how to dance (Cha Cha Cha)
Can ya teach me?

Said I got this suburb, and it's a little bit too full
Said i got this appetite and it's another name for destruction
Back at home the local girls would call this a devastatingly case of misinterpritation
Said i got this best friend back at home and his name just so happens to rhyme with box cutter
She can beat the led out of silverfish and copper, did i mention her name sound like
(la la la la la la la)
Said i got this girl thing fling that's so narcissistically concieted

I can Hiroshimi
I can Tanaka
I can Nishimura
Slow dance and do karate...